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What is Queer theology?

Updated: May 19

Join us on the 29th of June (in-person or online) as we explore queer theology with Natalie Wigg-Stevenson!

Morgan Bell will lead a conversation with Natalie where they will discuss questions like: What is queer theology? How is it queer? How is it theological? How do queer experiences shed light on the Christian faith, and vice versa? How does queer theology help us follow Jesus better?

We’ll end the event with some community Q&A where YOU can ask Natalie your own questions about queer theology. It’s going to be a stretching, invigorating evening! Will you join us?

The Rev’d Dr. Natalie Wigg-Stevenson teaches Contextual Education and Theology at how ethnographic methods can help create theological conversations across church, academy, and everyday life. She is also interested in feminist and queer theologies, cultural theories of practice and practices of decolonizing higher education.


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