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Council and Standing Committees for St. Andrew’s United Church


The St. Andrew’s United Church Council

The Council oversees the work of the standing committees and deals with matters beyond the bounds of any one committee. It reviews on an annual basis the activities of the committees and fills vacancies. All standing committees report to, and take direction from, Council.


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees establishes the investment policy and oversees the budget, property maintenance, insuring of church assets, ground lease, and development of new ministries. Its responsibilities are set out in the Manual (G.3.4 of) and include compliance with all decisions about congregational property made by St. Andrew’s Council and Shining Waters Regional Council.


Congregational Life

The Congregational Life Committee supports the growth and vitality of St. Andrew’s by working with staff to coordinate initiatives and events that build relationships within and beyond the church community. Activities of its volunteers and subcommittees/working groups include extending a warm welcome to all, arranging occasions for fellowship, supporting pastoral care, promoting learning opportunities that deepen Christian faith and spark discussion, and connecting the congregation to neighbourhood and global partners in service to others.


Finance, Audit and Risk Management (FARM)

The Finance and Risk Management (FARM) Committee manages the funds of the church and encourages members and friends to be generous in their financial support. It is responsible for preparing the annual operating budget, planning appeals to fund general church operations and special projects, reviewing capital expenditures, working with auditors, monitoring the church’s asset performance, and advising Council on risk mitigation and other financial matters.

Image by Gabriella Clare Marino

Lay representative to Shining Waters Regional Council

The Lay Regional Council Representative participates in the decision-making of SWRC, for instance at its annual meeting, and provides information to the congregation about its policies and priorities.


Ministry and Personnel

The M&P Committee is responsible for overseeing the relationship of staff to each other and people in the congregation. It is available for consultation and support for matters relating to staff, including hiring, position descriptions, responsibilities, compensation, annual performance reviews, working conditions, and continuing education.



The Property Committee oversees the physical operation and maintenance of the church building to ensure that the premises, equipment, and physical infrastructure are properly and attractively maintained. It oversees the budget for property expenses, updates the long-term plan for capital repairs and upgrades, recommends and oversees capital expenditures/projects when appropriate, and provides oversight and policy direction for room rentals to outside groups.



The Worship Committee supports the ministerial staff and music director in planning regular and special services and reviewing their delivery. It coordinates recruitment for congregational participation in services of worship, oversees the worship plan, and formulates policies related to worship for Council approval.

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