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Finance, Audit & Risk Management: The Finance and Risk Management (FARM) Committee is tasked with managing the financing activities of the church.  This includes preparation of the annual budget, review of capital expenditure and advising Council on financial matters.

Ministry & Personnel: The M&P Committee is responsible for overseeing the relationship of staff to each other and people in the congregation. It is available for consultation and support for all matters relating to staff, including hiring, working conditions, responsibilities, compensation, position descriptions, annual performance reviews, and continuing education.


Property: The Property Committee is responsible for the management of the building. 


Stewardship: The purpose of the Stewardship Committee is to encourage the members and friends of St. Andrew’s to be generous in their financial support of the church. The committee leads the annual pledge campaign as well as appeals for other special projects.

Board of Trustees: The board of trustees is responsible for the interest of the patron's of the church. They control things like budget, property maintenance, delegation, and development of new ministries.

Image by Gabriella Clare Marino

Community Engagement: The Community Engagement Committee is dedicated to reaching out to both the local and global communities to contribute to their welfare and needs through social betterment. We also provide opportunities for education and dialogue on issues of social justice.

Faith Exploration: We are committed to providing opportunities for exploring our Christian faith. Through open discussions, selected topics and formats, we can learn about ourselves by sharing with others. Ideas for discussions are welcome.

Membership: The Membership Committee expresses Christian hospitality through a warm welcome to all and a Welcome Centre that provides hearing assistance devices and various items of interest.  Refreshments are served during the fellowship time after worship services. Members connect with people in a way that offers support and lets them know that we care and are here for them.  We are all involved in pastoral care, and we do this by getting to know and building relationships with each other.


Worship: The Worship committee has responsibility for the worship program, coordinates congregational participation, considers congregational feedback, oversees the Worship Plan, and formulates worship policy for Council approval. 

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